Professional Advertising Certificate Programs

Our Professional Advertising Certificate Programs provide an opportunity for advertising, marketing, and communications professionals to enhance their knowledge of brand communication in today’s global context through short courses and other activities. Certificate enrollees participate in sessions with industry professionals from the Midwest

Our comprehensive certificate programs will allow those enrolled to gain industry-specific, distinctive skills in communicating across channels while keeping a consumer-centric approach.

This certificate program is an excellent match for people who want to understand brand and consumer communications across multiple channels. Those professionals that need to understand how persuasive communication fits into their business or their clients’ organizations will benefit most from this program:

  • Advertising professionals
  • Communications managers
  • Business leaders
  • Marketing managers
  • Marketing researchers
  • Public relations specialists
  • Product and brand managers
  • Sales professionals

If you are interested in having our department provide a credentialing program for your institution or company, please contact Rhiannon Clifton at