Dominican Republic | Study Abroad

Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations in Emerging Markets

Program Type -Short
Dates -January 2 - 14, 2015
On-campus Meetings - October 20-December 10, 2014 | 6-7:20 PM
Application Deadline - September 15, 2014
Language of Instruction -English
Language of Destination -Spanish


Priority is given to students in the Department of Advertising & College of Media.

Courses & Credit

This course is comprised of two parts. The first part is a second 8-week course taken with an instructor at the UIUC campus. The second part is the 2 week trip abroad. Students will earn a total of 3 credits for the course.


Accommodations for the trip will be arranged for you, most likely in the form of hotels or apartments.

Student Expenses

The cost for the 2012 -2013 program was $3,520. The fee for the 2013-2014 program has not yet been determined but will be similar to last year. *Fees are subject to change due to exchange rate fluctuations and the number of participants.
Program Fee Includes: Round-trip airfare; airport transfers; housing and some meals; orientation programs; program excursions; and international health insurance.
Program Fee Does NOT Include: Personal expenses while abroad (est. $400) and passport/visa fees (if applicable) (est. $110-$135). These are off budget costs that are estimated and will be expenses that come out of your pocket.

Course Description

This course will explore distinctive cultural factors that impact global advertising, marketing, and public relations in the Dominican Republic (DR). Students will engage in consumer study theories, examining how products and services such as toothpaste, cereal, cosmetics, cell phones, and other goods and services are advertised and sold in the DR, compared to the way those items are merchandised and promoted in the United States. The course will explore theoretical research questions such as: What can advertising tell us about economic and social class divisions within a country? How is America's "good life" (e.g. Disney World, Bud Light, Beverly Hills, South Beach, designer apparel, text messages, etc.) advertised to the international consumer? The course will look beyond the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and explore consumerism in other emerging markets.

In addition, the class will travel to major cities within the DR and meet with professionals in advertising, marketing, public relations, media industries and consumer product corporations at company locations. Students will research Dominican culture through visits to museums, street markets, beachside art exhibitions, and tours of historic sites of the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo, which was founded in 1496. Students will make field visits to sites of consumerism in the DR including shopping malls in Santo Domingo and Santiago, the vast Mercado Modelo indoor flea market, and many neighborhood stores and shops. Students will also experience an all-inclusive luxury resort to examine consumerism in that environment, juxtaposed with consumerism in more typical communities in the DR. During their field research in Puerto Plata, students will identify and discuss why marketers need to incorporate a global viewpoint into their advertising strategy and persuasive approaches.


Apply on the study abroad website via this link.