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Branding Italian Food

Rome, the eternal city and capital of Italy, is an ancient city full of historic wonders and modern innovations. Home to the Colosseum, the Trevi fountain and many other architectural wonders, this city is also a hub for fine Italian cuisine.

Program Type -Short
Dates -5/18/15-5/28/15
On-campus MeetingsSpring 2015 2nd 8 weeks- Wednesdays 2 - 3:50 pm
Application Deadline -10/29/14
Language of Instruction -English
Language of Destination -Italian


Priority is given to Juniors & Seniors in the Department of Advertising & College of Media.

Courses & Credit

This course is comprised of two parts. The first part is a second 8-week course taken with an instructor at the UIUC campus for 2 credit hours. The second part is the 2 weeks abroad trip to Rome for 1 credit hour.


Accommodations for the trip will be arranged for you, most likely in the form of hotels or apartments.

Course Description

This course focuses on branding Italian food. Its purpose is to advance students’ understanding of one of the world’s mostRome successful ethnic food branding cases within the context of the globalization of food markets. Throughout this course you will study branding and advertising strategies, food cultures, markets and media in Italy and the U.S. as you learn the key principles of food marketing.

Spring 2015: During the Spring 2015 2-credit hour course on campus, you will learn background material on Italy and its language and culture, media system and advertising. In addition, you will be introduced to Italian food and build general background knowledge about Italian culture and culinary traditions. You will also gain knowledge related to ethnographic methodology to be practiced while in Italy in the summer. After the completion of this course, you will be prepared to take the Rome portion of the program.

Summer 2015: The Summer 2015 1-credit course provides the opportunity for an immersive cultural stay in Italy, which will allow you to observe and participate in the cultural meaning, consumption and promotion of local foods in Italy. You will complete this course both online and while studying abroad in Italy. A key part of your project involves the direct observation of and participation in food rituals in Italy and the examination of the way that Italian brands are represented in Italian retail structures and in media. Classes will be held at the GustoLab in Rome, a school focused on learning and experiencing Italian food culture. Instructors will teach appreciation of Italian food and culinary traditions. Field trips will also allow You to see how food is grown and made, marketed (e.g., retail, markets), enjoyed (e.g., restaurants) and promoted (discussion with local advertising agency personnel).